London Foot Clinic Established since 1989

Our  Services  And Practice  Philosophy


 We provide comprehensive care with full scope of podiatric services. However  our  speciality is podiatric  surgery  and biomechanical management  of  functional  orthopaedic disorders.

Our practice philosophy centres around providing the most up to date and highest quality of treatment. Our approach however is to emphasise conservative care whenever possible. In prescribing treatment, we make every effort to offer the patient alternatives and necessary information so that a proper choice of treatment can be mutually agreed upon. 


  • Bunions,  Arthritic Joints, Hammer Toes, Curly Toes,  Flat Foot,  Heel bumps
  • Neuroma, Cysts, Ganglion, Persistent Corn,Verrucae and Ingrowing toenails


  • Ankle,Foot Heel & Arch Pain Achilles tendinitis Shin splints Plantar fasciitis
  • Nerve injuries Stress fractures Arthritis Bone & Soft tissue trauma                           

  • Treatment & Prevention of repetitive strain injuries,
  • Analysis & Advise on running & sports shoes


  • Biomechanical Evaluation and Gait Analysis is performed using the Orthoscanner.
    State of the art computerised digital scanner  which captures dynamic 3D images.
    This data is analysed by experts in the lab using complex software to confirm clinical diagnosis, help in planning treatment and in designing  & manufacturing bespoke   digitised (CAD-CAM) orthoses.  

  • Orthoses/Insoles are widely used for treatment & prevention of:
        • Postural & walking problems
        • Flat feet (excessive pronation)
        • High arched feet (supination)
        • Premature wear & tear of joints
        • Sports & Occupational injuries


  • Flat feet, Growing pains Knock knees, In & Out toeing, Toe walking, Curly toes  


We also  have access to all the Modern Diagnostic & Treatment Facilities

  • Orthoscanner: 3 D Dynamic Functional Diagnostic Gait Analysis
  • Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) Centre & Teccar therapy
  • X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Bone Scan, Nerve Conduction & EMG Studies
  • Management of Sports Injuries & Biomechanical Problems with onsite Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • Blood Tests, Microbiology & Histopathology
  • Doppler Vascular Studies

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